Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Bachelor Uncle

When I was young, I had several uncles, but there was one special uncle that was the 'fun' uncle.  He was the youngest uncle and he always had a joke, riddle or game to play. He was my Uncle Larry, although he often liked to call himself 'Uncle Fud'. He teased us constantly and he didn't really seem like a grown-up to us. This made him very approachable, so even though he was fun, I often was able to share my troubles with him as a teenager when I wasn't able to talk to my parents.

I've noticed that many families have a bachelor uncle like my Uncle Larry.  We have one in our family at the moment, although I doubt he will maintain his bachelor status for long (this mom believes all of her sons are stellar prospects!). These young men are a treasure trove of jokes and endless energy and patience.  They always appear and take over just when the Littles are starting to wear on their parents. They entertain and distract while the table is being set, or just before bedtime.  I'm sure many of you have bachelor uncles in your families.  Bless them and tell them how much they are appreciated :)

[Uncle Dan gives advice to two of his nephews. Not sure what the subject was, but it looks serious. Yes, that is a batman costume :)

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