Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A New Blog

I love starting new things! I love change. I thrive on it. Perhaps it's an adaptive response to all of the moves we've made over the years for John's career?

Regardless, here I am, starting a new blog.  I lost my momentum on my old blog, felt like I was ready for a change, so I'm taking things in a new direction.

John and I were talking about the pros and cons of me being at home full time recently and it got me thinking about the what goes on here at home. And I realized that most of it happens in the kitchen.

We have a large kitchen.  It's where everything happens, it seems.  Wonderful food appears, the wine flows, along with laughter and tears.  Secrets, stories and advice are shared.  I moved a couple of comfy living room chairs into the kitchen because everyone seems to want to hang out there anyway, so why not be comfortable?  We have a large extended family with at least one mom with a baby at any given time, so one of the chairs is a rocking chair.  Most of my family likes to cook.  We judge a kitchen by how many 'butts' can fit in at the same time.  At the moment, I have at least a five-butt kitchen, maybe more in a pinch!  However, I have made do with a one to two-butt kitchen in the past!  What really matters is the love we have for each other and for making good food.

My family gathered together around the table at a recent dinner.

So this blog will be heavy on food, but sprinkled with musings, photos, and whatever else catches my interest. I tend to sway with the wind.


  1. This will be fun....I absolutely love a multi butt kitchen. We think alike!!

  2. Everything does happen in the kitchen. So excited to read of yours.

  3. Love it! I can't wait for the next post!